The Incredible Hypostyle Hall at Denderah

Advanced Engineering at the Temple of Denderah


The Mysterious Temple of Hathor at Denderah


Mr. Peck enjoying tea with the temple guardian


A view of one of the wall in the Hypostyle Hall


The columns in the Hypostyle Hall provide a hint of something more remarkable


A telephoto lens reveals a close-up of the column's capital adorned with sculptures of a Hathor face on its four sides and topped with a systrum. From these images, it can be seen that the capital is made up of separate pieces and fitted together in assembly


Another example of the Column's capital


A drawing of the capital indicating where curved surfaces intersect ( A and B )


Set up of the camera between the columns using a right-angle viewer


Construction lines showing the alignment of the capitals to each other. Pay attention to the red and blue lines which cross the A-B point


Construction lines crossing six columns


Photograph of four columns with construction lines and ellipses drawn on the bottom of Hathor's tresses


Even the three-dimensional ears of Hathor were precisely crafted and in alignment


Solution to the mystery of how the Temple was built. This image shows the carving on two ceiling blocks. It can be seen that there is a discontinuity on the front left leg of the dog as well as the back of her neck where the two blocks meet. This indicates that the carvings were cut before being installed in the temple, which is contrary to what Egyptologists tell us about how the ancient Egyptians constructed their temples