The Mysterious Rose Red Granite Block at Abu Rawash

The Curved Stone at Abu Rawash


View from the top of the Abu Rawash pyramid


The compound curved granite stone


Photographing and measuring the stone


Chris Dunn checks the surface of the stone while David Childress looks on


Obvious curve to stone is revealed by straight edge


Macro image of the surface of the stone showing the striations of the saw


Determining the surface radius using the cord length and sagitta (cord height). The calculations indicate a radius of 23.95ft


Determining the radius where cutting ended. The calculations indicate a radius of 23.68ft

Top View (X & Y-Axes) End View (Z-axis)
Feet/Rad/Deg Meters Feet/Rad/Deg Meters
Cutter Diameter 37.5 11.43 37.5 11.43
Radius Measured 23.684 7.22 23.95 7.30
Radian Measure .792 .782
Tilt Angle of Cutter 45.4 44.8

Calculations to determine the diameter of a cutter that when tilted will create both radii


View looking down showing block radius with 37.5 feet diameter saw in a horizontal position


When tilted on a 45 degree angle, a vertical view of the saw shows it to be an ellipse. It is a small section of the ellipse that will produce two large radii. One on the x - y axis (vertical view) and also on the x - z axis (horizontal view along the y axis).

More information on this technique may be found at the following link: Cutting large radius


Using calculations to select cutter to create 1/61 scale model in micarta


Mental gymnastics on paper trying to address anomolies


Referred to as a boat pit, this trench answers the question of how they would mount a 37 ft diameter saw


Mega Machines for Mega Builders


Also labeled as boat pits, numerous trenches are found on the Giza Plateau


Saw mounted in one of the trenches


A view of the plateau at sunset

The genius that went into the concept and design of the pyramids was not limited when it came to designing the tools to accomplish the job. Time to give the pyramid builders credit for their true accomplishments, seen and not seen (implied)