March 11, 2012 The Model.


Model of the upper section of the Queen's Chamber Southern Shaft with the Fluid Switch installed.

The model was completed in time for an Ancient Alien interview and demonstration on March 11, 2012. Everything worked as expected. A flashlight was used with the battery taken out and leads from the Fluid Switch connected to it and the battery lamp. (One side of the battery was cut out in order facilitate this as well as to demonstrate the circuit connections). Several takes were made of water flowing into the shaft the in order to cover the end of the pins, thereby closing the circuit and turning on the light.

The dimensions of the model, except for the length of the shaft, are the same as the Southern Shaft in the so-called "Queen's Chamber" in the Great Pyramid. Plexiglass was used so as to allow for a clear view of all the elements of the assembly of "Gantenbrink's door." The notch in the bottom right hand corner of the "door" was included as well as a small gap underneath (as seen in exploratory videos from 1993 (Gantenbrink's - Upuuat II) and 2002 (iRobot team - Pyramid Explorer).

A part of the filming also included a demonstration of the creation of hydrogen using the chemicals described in The Giza Power Plant. I mixed zinc powder with water and poured the mixture into a vessel with two ports and a top chimney, then poured in Muriatic acid. The vessel was then closed except for the top chimney. The hydrogen was ignited and burned vigorously until the reaction in the vessel ended.


With John Cadman's demonstration of the Subterranean Pit functioning quite well as a pulse generator, and with the "Queen's Chamber" functioning as described in the Giza Power Plant, we are working from the ground up in making the Giza powerplant work. There is much more work to do.


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