“This is an extremely important and original book.  Christopher Dunn indisputably demonstrates that the ancient Egyptians were much more technologically advanced than the vast majority of modern Egyptologists, archaeologists, and historians ever dared imagine.  Rather than denying or downplaying the evidence, it is now time to understand how it was possible that the ancients possessed advanced machining techniques.” 

-Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., Voyages of the Pyramid Builders & Pyramid Quest


“In Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt, Christopher Dunn makes a stunningly convincing case that the makers of the ancient Egyptian stone monuments and images possessed sophisticated technologies rivaling our own in terms of their precision and capabilities. After reading this book, one will have a hard time believing the assertions of Egyptologists.”

-Michael A. Cremo, author of Forbidden Archeology and Human Devolution


"Utilizing almost 50 years of professional experience in engineering, manufacturing, tool-making and space age precision, Chris Dunn has provided an in-depth analysis of ancient Egyptian statuary, temples, and manufactured artifacts that has ever been presented previously.  This outstanding book, supremely well researched, amply illustrated and complete with detailed photographs, will be cited as a major paradigm shift and reference source in the field for many years to come."

-Stephen S. Mehler, MA, Director of Research, Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association


"Christopher Dunn is an expert in his field. He knows a great deal about stone-cutting tools and has spent many years studying, many times on location, the ancient Egyptian monuments, sculptures and artifacts. His findings are revolutionary. His word carries weight. If he is right, our perception of who the ancient Egyptians were may completely change. Read this book...!"

-Robert Bauval, author of The Orion Mystery, Message of the Sphinx and The Egypt Code


"I never cease to be astonished by Christopher Dunn's knowledge of ancient Egyptian technology. I believe he knows more of it than any man alive." 

-Colin Wilson, author of Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals

“Christopher Dunn's painstaking work, literally, makes the 'stones' of the Egyptian gods speak. He provides profound archaeological evidence that shows an engineering consistency, suggesting an advanced intelligence, which understood the supreme science of sacred geometry. A must read book for those who wish to understand the advancement of Egyptology in the world of today.”

-J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D.  Author of The Book of Knowledge: the Keys of Enoch®


“Christopher Dunn, in this new book, has brought to the field of Egyptology a new approach which has been needed for decades. His ability as an engineer and master craftsman has given him the insight to discover ancient technologies and techniques that have been missed by the traditional Egyptologists. This book is a paradigm change for the way of thinking about our ancient history and ancestors. I highly recommend this beautiful illustrated book to both the academic and alternative researchers and for anyone interested in new ways of thinking about our ancient past.”

-John DeSalvo, Ph.D., Director of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association


“Admirers of Egyptian art and architecture are most fortunate that Christopher Dunn directs his experienced engineer’s eye towards their ancient stonework. By noticing the most minute details he reveals sophisticated craftsmanship and immense significance for all areas of Egyptology. Mathematicians will appreciate the amazing three-dimensional geometry made manifest in very hard stone. Dunn points the way for geometers to uncover sharper, more accurate analyses of the proportions of Egyptian design. This book is an important contribution to scientific scholarship by showing how archaeology can firmly rest on a measurable foundation.”

-Michael S. Schneider, author of A Beginner's Guide To Constructing The Universe


"As with Newton and the apple, Chris Dunn got a vision when visiting Egypt. His engineering background allowed him to unleash incredible facts, and thanks to this highly detailed book, we can now share the same marvels."

-Alain Hubrecht, architect, writer, professor and founder of the Association Transpersonnelle Belge (ATB)


"If you want to see the precise high technologies ancient Egyptians really had, read this fundamental and unavoidable book. It is a serious donation to Egyptian legacy and an opus for the future of this planet."

               -Antoine Gigal, author, researcher, President of Giza for Humanity


"I believe, as Chris Dunn superbly details in this book, that ancient Egyptian sculptors and architects were so precise and their works so monumental they must have used sophisticated technology, probably hidden in their time and now lost to ours."         

-Mike Leckie, Stone Sculptor